The presentations that you will see below are just a sample of the kinds of  work I have performed  in my career  that lends itself to visuals presentations.

This Electronics Manufacturing facility was upgraded countless times over its 25 years from manual slide line to full  automation. We developed continuous improvement programs to maximize throughput, minimize cost, maximize operational efficiencies while  minimizing labor and Total Manufacturing Costs.  This factory produced High Tech electronics for the Tel-Comm industry. It was a mix of High Volume Low mix and low volume High Mix Equipment, It was a “Paperless Factory” using advanced ERP manufacturing WIP Floor control systems. All Engineering Documentation, Work Orders,  Processes and Procedures were also on-line on the factory floor. This factory produced less than .05% scrap was a lean Manufacturing floor and had 99.99% Quality.



Below  are the types of products I have manufactured and developed over the years. From patented Kevlar based Drumsticks to  RF Active Amplifiers, Fiber Optic Amplifiers,  and FTTH, FTTX products.



Their are Four Pillars to Customer-Centric  Sales and Marketing Success. These are:

Pillar 1: Customer Retention and Development of Existing Customers

Pillar 2: Development  in concert with Customers. new products or models

Pillar 3: Development of New Markets and New Customers to increase Market Share and Corporate Growth

Pillar 4: Development of Product and Corporate Branding




Whether you are Manufacturing New Products or Refurbishing / Re-manufacturing Products the goals are the same. Low Cost, High Quality processes that  lead to company growth, profitability  and Industry Recognition


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