I became a Life Coach  or a Strategic Intervention Coach  simply to help others seek answers to their problems in both their personal and professional world. I started the journey for self-discovery and I did find a  different way of looking at life and addressing  opportunities and challenges. More than anything else, I learned how to better understand people through Empathy and truly listening and understanding what they were saying verbally, and through their-non verbal communications. This helped me better understand  the “world” they live in  and  combining  the training garnered from Strategic Intervention Coaching and other training i was fortunate to have, I was then able to help others find solutions from the simplest to the most complex challenges  affecting their lives in a  less than positive fashion.  I specialize in Executive Coaching , Leadership Coaching  and Organizational Transformation.

On the more personal side  I work with families plagued with the disease of addiction. I do not work with the addict nor have i ever been an addict. I work with the families that are adversely affected by the disease of a loved one. Sadly, this is a  huge problem today in society and appears to have gotten worse over the last ten years. the families I work with learn to live happy productive lives whether their addict is is still using or is “clean”.

All of my training and a lifelong experience set as an entrepreneur, father, husband and community leader  has given me tremendous insight and understanding without judgement.


Robbins-Madanes Training

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