Free Chapter Sample my book: An Addict Within

Free Sample Chapter Of My Book:

This book is not another story about an addict. It is the 'Other Side of the Story'. The side of the story that you rarely see or hear about. That of the family. The mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of the addict and the damage caused, the chaos caused, and the broken relationships that happen within the family, because of the love and simultaneous hate for the addict.

This is the story of a well-educated professional, who has worked for both Fortune 100 companies and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. A man who controlled the world around him. Both of his children went to the finest private schools and had the finest of everything in life.  A man whose family led a very affluent, and prestigious life in their community. He is leader in both the business world and was the president of his religious organization, served on many charitable boards and was a very visible person in his community.

Then life changed for him. His daughter's at the age of 13, exhibited the masochistic behavior known as 'cutting' and self-mutilation'. From there it escalated to pills, alcohol and cocaine through her high school years of addiction. Then, into her early 20's and into the dark world of heroin, exotic dancing,  drug dealing, overdoses, 9 rehabs and multiple detoxes,  felonies  and jail.

During the pages of this book, you will see the lengths a father will go through to save his daughter from herself and a life of pain and suffering. Single-handedly pulling her from drug houses at gunpoint, altercations with boyfriends and how his life unravels in the process. The damage to his marriage, his children, and everyone around him based on his actions.

This not just a fathers 8 year journey with his daughter's drug addiction and the life that surrounds addiction.  It is a book about how to “fix” your life so that a family plagued with a loved one's disease of addiction can learn to adjust and live a happy life

Through a father's eyes, Mark takes you on a journey of his feelings, motivations, and the real life lessons learned in bringing his life and that of his families back to sanity.  You will see the changes that had to happen within him and his actions in bringing his life and his family's back in control from 'shame' to 'sane'. You will understand his feelings his pain, his triumphs and the life lessons learned during his journey.

The book depicts are very real, harsh and compelling tale which is a must read for anyone who has an addict in their family. It is a book of change and hope. Even if your addict does not get clean, you can still learn to live your life and be happy.

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