Companies Mark Lipp has Founded or Co-founded in the

Beauty Industry.

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Manufacturer of Wigs, Falls, Toppers and Hair Extensions

Virgin Remy Russian/Slavic Hair, Virgin Remy Northern Russian Hair, and Brazilian/Argentine Hair


Prosumer Line Marketed Internet Direct to the Consumers

Professional Salon Series for Certified “Piny of BH” Salons




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Co-Founder 2016 to Present

Naama is a manufacturer of Virgin Remy European hair, and Organically Processed Hair, Wigs, Hairpieces, Pony Tails, 360 Degree Hair Bands, Toppers, and other hair and hair care products. Naama services both the wholesale and retail markets with both standard and custom products.

Selected Results:

Developed scanning, mapping, and 3D printing system that maps your head and hairline. Then print a 3D mold to build an exact duplicate of your head and hairline that allows a complete custom and perfect fit for the best most natural fitting wig possible.

  • Developed  3 separate patents
  • Developed  Global Procurement and Supply Chain strategy and implementation
  • Developed Domestic and International distribution strategy and Implementation plan
  • Developed company marketing strategy, company marketing materials, marketing plan, and website/e-commerce platform.
  • Developed company branding concept, logo, and strategy



Founder 2017 until present

United States Manufacturer of Hair Extensions from:

Virgin Remy Russian Hair,

Virgin Remy Malaysian,  

Virgin Brazilian Hair,

Marketed Direct to the Consumer via the Internet


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