Why use an Executive or Business Coach

PGA golfers, are just one of the many sports that employ Professional Coaches to improve everything from their Golf Swing to their Mental Attitude. The NFL has coaches for virtually every position from quarterback on.   These NFL Coaches are there to assist and to bring the position player to  greater  levels of success in their position . From that we get greater team performance…

The same principle applies to Executive Coaches.

Executive Coaching is developing a relationship between a client who has managerial authority and responsibility and a person who uses behavioral techniques  and methods, to assist a client in obtaining  peak performance in those goals needed to bring  themselves, their staff, and the organization to new levels of performance and success.

Business Coaching   is no longer reserved for the top leaders in an organization. Business Coaching is engaging in regular structured conversations with a client or a team, within any organization, with the goal of changing long term awareness and behavior to achieve Goals, Objectives that increase the solution set to success of the team and the organization as a whole.   The Coaching Process uses  a set of skills in a collaborative fashion  to define/re-define a challenge and reach organizational goals effectively, quickly and cost efficiently.

Life Coaching  has many definitions as there are people, but, there are a few common threads that are intertwined in most of these definitions. Life Coaching is a partnering enabling process  that helps you explore and solve problems, reach goals in the 3 different spheres of your life. These spheres are  Business , Personal and Family. The Coaching Process will give you results that will leave you more satisfied and engaged in Life. You become “unstuck” in decisions and in all the areas of your life.  More accomplishments in the areas of your life that you want them. You will find more meaning, a higher calling and your life will be more full and enjoyable. You will be able to make empowered choices to a more fulfilled life in all areas.

The purpose of Coaching is to help people discover clarify and align the goals of the client to what they want and need to achieve. Coaching helps clients through a process of self-discovery generate strategies and solutions to achieve their foals. The feedback mechanism becomes complete as responsibility and accountability are added to the formula.

Mentoring usually lasts for a much longer period of time then coaching. The mentor may or may not be skilled as a Coach but is a seasoned professional in that field that can pass on specific knowledge, experience and insight to the Mentoree. The Mentor assists the Mentoree in  developing  situational and observational skill sets. Mentoring revolves around developing a well-rounded  professional and the focus is on their career and personal development within their career. This process focuses on the Mentoree’s total learning and development and is a safe environment for risk taking with positive feedback and accountability.

Consulting  is used when an outside expert opinion or specific advice regarding business decisions, products, markets and/or business practices is needed. They are typically industry specific or specific to a functional area. Industry specific may include; products, customer development  new market trends and new  market development to name a few. Functional area may include, but are not limited to; IT, Accounting, Materials, Sales, Marketing Manufacturing  and Distribution. Process analysis, efficiency and cost reduction in manufacturing or product cost  are common areas  Consultants may advise the client. Consultants also work in the areas of restructuring,  M&A and  may also develop or help develop corporate strategies and refinement within any area of the enterprise or organization  along with Management Change.


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