Professional Experience

Professional Experience of Mark Lipp

Professional Experience, Core Competencies and General Management Strengths:

Development of New Business, Markets and Products                                                   Development of Strategic Alliances

Managing P&L and Developing Budgets                                                                            Market Position and Product Evaluation

Strategic Operations and Financial alignment                                                                  Global Market Analysis and Penetration

Negotiating and Closing Major contracts                                                                           Developing Customer Based Products

Development of Effective Supply Chain                                                                              Cost Effective Manufacturing Cap-X/Op-X

Investors, Financial Institutions                                                                                            Customer Presentations

Startup and Operations of a “Maquiladora”                                                                       International Sales and Marketing

Growth Management and Expansion                                                                                  Company and Product Branding

Global Supply Chain Management                                                                                       Manufacturing Process Improvement

Quality Systems 99.9+%                                                                                                         ERP systems

IT systems and Networks                                                                                                       Managing On-Time delivery 99.9+%

Inventory Reductions and Strategies                                                                                    Inventory Control and Accuracy

Pre-Production And Prototype Manufacturing                                                                   3D Printing/Additive Manufac.

Branding Strategy and Implementation




 Co-Sulting LLC.  Los Angeles, CA., Las  Vegas, NV.

 2014 to Present

 President (Founder)


There are differences in consultants. Experience, Education, Training and the ability to develop the proper plan out of a subset of optimal solutions is important. Insuring that it is implemented efficiently , quickly and with the least amount of disruptions to your business and staff are equally important . That is where we make the difference.  Co-Sulting is based on a combination of Traditional Consulting Techniques along with the Implementation  Strategies based on NLP techniques and the works of such people as Milton Friedman, Chloe Madanes and Tony Robbins. Our team combines  these modalities to insure that you not only get the plan with the highest return but that it is implemented quickly and with the greatest R.O.I..  For  more in-depth information go to :



Naama hair, naama group, sheitels, wigs, hair bands, Yamacha falls, toppers, falls, 360 degree hair band, patented modular wig sytemNaama Group, Naama Wigs, Naama Hair

2015 to Present

Partner (Founder)

Naama is a manufacturer of Virgin Remy European hair, and Organically Processed Hair, Wigs, Hairpieces, Pony Tails, 360 Degree Hair Bands, Toppers and other hair and hair care products. Naama services both the wholesale and retail markets with both standard and  custom products.

Selected Results:

Developed scanning , mapping and 3D printing system that maps your head and hairline. Then prints a 3D mold to build an exact duplicate of your head and hairline that allows a complete custom and perfect fit for the best most natural fitting wig possible.

  • Developed  3 separate patents
  • Developed  Global Procurement and Supply Chain strategy and implementation
  • Developed Domestic and International distribution strategy and Implementation plan
  • Developed company marketing strategy, company marketing materials, marketing plan and website/e-commerce platform.
  • Developed company branding concept, logo and strategy



Main Line Inc logoMain Line Equipment Inc. Torrance, Ca.  1986 To Sale in 2013

President/C.E.O. (Founder)

1986-2013 (sold)


MainLine is the  premier manufacturer of accessory items for the broadband market place: equalizers forward and reverse, compensators, attenuators, diplex and plug-ins for all major manufacturer’s. We manufacture legacy replacement  RF modules and Fiber Optic modules with increased gain and bandwidth to support your existing networks and also can expand your network up to 1.2 GHz and beyond even in an HFC  environment.  Mainline developed, Engineered, Manufactured,  and designed Broadband Amplifiers to 1.2 GHz for  legacy upgrade and new deployment. The company built products domestically and grew to over 120 full-time employees.


Selected Results:

  • Reinvented the company’s products and focus four different times reinvigorating  growth profitability & market share. Grew to be the  world leader in the RF accessory niche products
  • Developed strategic alliances to manufacture for major  OEM  industry suppliers
  • Worked with Marketing, Sales and Key customers and developed “Standard Platforms” that were future forward
  • Worked with Engineering and Manufacturing to develop products from inception through the manufacturing cycle and reduced new product introduction from 24 months to 6 months
  • Developed Cellular, Lean and Six Sigma processes controls to lower the cost of manufacturing, to be competitive and less costly than offshore manufacturing
  • Developed all factory layouts and no lean manufacturing techniques to insure less than .01% scrap and rework.
  • Developed a nationwide “Repair” business and developed strategic alliances to perform warranty and authorized non-warranty repairs
  • Lowered inventory by 30 % with no increase in customer lead time
  • Reduced factory scrap to under 1%, factory rework to under 1%, returns to under .4% and on-time customer delivery at 99.5%
  • Developed a worldwide sourcing program that reduced material costs over 11%
  • Developed market position of products and branding
  • Developed marketing plan, sales plan, effective web presence, and trade shows increasing sale 16%
  • Developed global presence through distribution in major international markets adding 12% in sales growth
  • Developed in-house C/S, field sales people, Distributors and Field Engineers to support products
  • Developed and performed presentations of company products and capabilities thereby closing many multi-million dollar accounts (over $100 m) with some of the largest companies in America and abroad
  • Involved in all three patents company developed




CRG (Consolidated Repair Group)  Torrance, CA.

 President (Founder)

2001- to Sale in 2013


Consolidated Repair group was a multi-national repair facility For Broadband RF and Fiber Optic Equipment.We maintained one of the lowest BER’s in the industry and maintain a 99 plus % Quality and on tome delivery standard.

2001 thru 2013  (sold)

Selected Results:

  • Developed OEM and strategic agreements as nationwide third party warranty and non-warranty facility adding $3 million per year in contracts
  • Introduced automated and sub assembly replacement over component level trouble shooting
  • Developed “Online Portal” concept, for customers to track their warranty and non-warranty repairs. In 2006 this was A first in our industry! Reducing customer service expenses by 39%
  • Developed “Stock Swap Program” eliminating repair lead time on many standard items. Allowing reallocation of labor seasonally, thereby eliminating peak demand overtime and reducing costs by 22%
  • Closed major OEM and Key customer accounts with corporate offices
  • Developed a Maquiladora to produce repairs and refurbishment at a lower total cost




 Factory Automation LLC.

Partner and Co-founder

2006 thru 2009 (sold)

Factory automation Refurbished and re-manufactured  Factory Equipment for electronic assembly.

Equipment re-manufactured and sold were”

  • Pick n place- insertion equipment
  • Reflow ovens
  • Wave solder machines
  • Test equipment
  • Thru-hole assembly equipment
  • AOI equipment
  • Glue and paste machines
  • Board cleaner equipment



Main Line Drumsticks Mainline-Drumsticks-logo

1998 thru 2003

President and Co-Founder




Mainline Drumsticks are a patented Kevlar based  product. They lasted ten to 15 times longer than conventional wood sticks.  Unlike wood, they were always perfectly straight, never  warped, always the same weight stick to stick, always had the same tone and were impervious to any elements. The sticks felt like wood and reacted like wood and were the first sticks to duplicate the look and feel of conventional wooden drumsticks.

Selected Results:

  • Start-up and grew to $1M in sales in under 2 years
  • Introduced patented Kevlar drumsticks
  • Developed all in store displays
  • Developed the “Artist” program for endorsers
  • Developed production marketing and sales team and strategy
  • Developed advertising campaign
  • Developed new products with endorsers and stores




Previous Employment History:

Eaton Corporation-EID Division                   Culver City, Ca.          (Fortune 178)

                                     Director of Materials and Manufacturing (multi-plant environment)

Philips/Magnavox CATV Systems Inc.         Manlius, N.Y.              (Global 277)                

                                    Director of Materials

NCR Corporation                                           New York City, NY.    (Fortune 469)           

                                     Sales –Territory Manager





syracuse university crestMasters of Business Administration:           Operations Management and Finance       






          nyu stern little Bachelor of Arts:                                            Economics and Music                                               




Other Education:


          Strategic Intervention Coach/Life Coach    RMT Institute   rmt logo                                             




Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner   Dr. Joe Vitale


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