Picking a Coach

“Picking a Coach”

Coaching – Creating Enthusiasm, Motivation and Positive Change through Empowerment!

These days anyone can call themselves a coach or a consultant. All you need to be is unemployed! As such you need to carefully pick the person you want to work with.  There are four areas that need to be explored in order to pick the right coach.

Their  educational background.

Mark has been educated at some of the finest Universities in America New York University where he obtained his undergraduate degrees and Syracuse University where he obtained his M.B.A degree

Their credentials as a coach.

When my wife and I decided to become credentialed we picked the premier name in Motivation and Empowerment the Tony Robbins. We studies at the Robbins-Madanes Institute as Strategic Intervention Coaches.

Their experience.

Most coaches will tell you they can help you on any subject and in any area, I could tell         you that also, BUT, more importantly I would like to tell you specifically in what areas we can help you and help you quickly.

  • I wrote a book on my 8 year journey on with my daughter from the age of 14 thru 22 as the parent of a drug addict. If you or your family is suffering and being torn apart by addiction Yhali and I can help you, as we lived the life and we wrote the book! We do not work with the addict. We work with the family that surrounds the addict and the damage done to the family by the addict.
  • My over 28 years of entrepreneurial experience and success, along with the experience garnered working in Fortune and Global companies can help you gain insights into yourself and your goals; professionally, personally and financially  to become an empowered fulfilled person.
  • My wife Yhali, specializes in the area of relationships, children and family goals and aspirations along with being the step-parent of an addict.

And, how well you “click”and communicate with the coach you will be working with

How you click with a coach is personal. Contact a few coaches, and talk to them.  This will understand how you will work with them and how they will work with you. Then you will understand better and can envision how you would work together as a team together. I invite you to call Mark and Yhali and discuss your needs and their approach.