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Mark Lipp

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Businessman,

Business and Life Strategist

Life/Business/Executive Coach


Motivational Speaker.

For over 35 years, Mark Lipp  has been a visionary in developing companies and helping them grow both in top line revenue and bottom line profit. The combination of his Education,both Formal and Informal, his  work in Fortune 100 companies and  his ability as an Entrepreneur for over 3 decades developing highly successful companies, has given Mark a truly unique perspective.

Mark has spent over 35 years in the Cable TV/Telcomm industry. He spent 26 years as President/CEO. Of Main Line Equipment until its sale in 2013, growing the company from its inception to  a leader in the field of  manufacturing specialty broadband electronics, RF amplifiers, Fiber optic modules and accessories in the United States.

Mark has also developed or co-founded companies in the music field, beauty industry, publishing, consulting in manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing, off-shore manufacturing  and others.

Through the use of conventional business tools and metrics,  along with cutting edge motivational techniques like Strategic Intervention,  Mark  has  developed a unique management style that incorporates the “Traditional Management and Consulting  Techniques” along with “Coaching Techniques”. This combination has brought  lasting change for him and his organizations. These same changes he and his organizations have experienced can  be brought to  you and/or your organization,

Peruse this site and you will get a very good understanding of Mark’s background, what he has  accomplished, what he is  working on now,  and his  plans for the future.

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